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TokenBB Platinum Forum Upgrade – 12 Monthly

$796.00 $499.00 / 12 months

2336.564 STEEM
513.524 SBD


What is TokenBB?

TokenBB is a free, remotely hosted, Steem blockchain powered message board (forum) service that helps people create their own online communities.

For more detailed information about TokenBB, visit the TokenBB blog or take the demo forum site for a spin.


This is an upgrade package for existing TokenBB Bronze Free Plan forums, if you don’t yet have a forum please complete this signup form and wait for us to activate your Freemium forum before purchasing this upgrade.

Beneficiary Rewards Share:

  • 1% to @tokenbb
  • 9% for you (customizable)
  • Flexibility for forum owners to give part/all of their reward pool to thread/topic creators, or disable all beneficiaries completely.

Platinum Plan Features: 

  • Business class private support channel.

Includes all features of Bronze Free, Silver and Gold Plans:

  • Basic forum features with subdomain
  • Option to earn perks from user activity (coming soon)
  • Point a custom domain or subdomain to your forum, example: or
  • Theme Library and Custom logo
    • choose from a set of existing themes
    • Upload a custom logo
  • Full Theme Customisability
    • Fully customise your theme in CSS and submit your changes via GitHub under our Contributor License Agreement (CLA). Don’t have the skills? No worries, simply submit a design and we will have our front-end team develop your design into reality at an hourly rate of 100 USD.
  • Distribute your Steem-Engine token via Scotbot
    Further Scotbot requirements (Subject to change):
    Stake 1 + 1 ENG per active user of Scotbot
    Pay 100 ENG for Token creation
    Pay 1000 ENG for Scotbot Setup
    Pay 1000 ENG to enable staking
    Pay 1000 ENG for Scotbot Forum Integration 
    (ENG tokens can be obtained from and payable to the pay.tokenbb account)


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